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“There are no bad pictures; that's just how your face looks sometimes.” ― Abraham Lincoln

X-RAYs: I may have arthritis

Around 4 years ago I broke my leg, and as a result I had to have a titanium screw inserted into my leg, in-order for my bone structure to stay in-place after the fracture.

I recently started suffering a few pains in my leg after exercising (Running), and there was something terribly wrong. After that incident, I had not been able to walk without feeling some sort of pain in the lower aft of my ankle. It has ruined my life. I might not be able to run again, unless I want to further damage my foot/leg and walking has become painful. After I had been told that I most likely have arthritis I could only feel emotions of what would occur in the future. What I can and cannot do now. Perhaps I precipitated my leg becoming like this as I was exercising on a daily basis, going running, swimming, light jogging etc.

I feel real bad right now. Life sucks. I just hope this won’t make me tip over the edge.

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